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3 Free Sales Assessments, Sales Assessment Test, Sales Tests.

The JOY Tests TM: World's First in "Total Sales Ability" Assessment TM

Sales Recruiting Tips and Sales Team Building;
How to Recruit Sales People Easily;
Hire Good Salespeople or a Great Sales Manager.

30-Day Free Trial
Do you want to hire good salespeople (1 to 1,000+, nationwide)? Wondering how to hire a good salesman or saleswoman? Contemplating how to build a sales team? Do you want to learn how to hire a Sales Manager, Sales Director or VP of Sales & Marketing? Now you have two great options:

Option 1 (Self-serve):
Use our potent sales assessment tests to help you recruit top sales reps nationwide, find good salespeople locally, or hire a sales manager, sales director, salesman, saleswoman or sales executive.
Price (Self-serve): Tests start at only $5.99 each. 30-day Free Trial (3 Free Screening Tests).

Option 2 (Full-serve):
The really good sales professionals are rare, and hard to find. If you need good salespeople or sales managers, locally or nationwide, we can help you find them. We shall present the top 10 candidates to you each month (out of up to 200 applicants screened / tested by us on your behalf, per month, per location), for you to interview. We would do much of the work for you to help you ramp up quickly. Here is what our full service sales team recruitment package includes:
a. FREE employment ad postings on both Monster.com® AND CareerBuilder.com®! Dan Joy Inc is not affiliated with Monster or CareerBuilder.

b. WRITING an effective employment ad to help attract the right kind of sales talent!

c. Up to Two Hundred (200) Screening Tests and Ten (10) Final Tests, per month, are included!

d. We would email up to 200 Screening Test invitations per month, on your behalf, to SAVE you the TIME and EFFORT!

e. Up to Ten (10) TOP scorers presented / referred to you each month (from up to 200 screened / tested per month, per location), for Final Testing and an interview, to help you choose the best candidate.

f. Long-term (annual) online storage activated to save your applicants' testing history, and help keep your sales recruiting pipeline full all year long!
Price (Full-serve): Cost-effective full service packages start at only $1999 per week (5-week minimum), and include ALL of the above. SAVE up to thousands of dollars! Please Contact Us.

Who Can Benefit?:
The potent JOY Tests (tm) of Total Sales Ability (tm) can help you HIRE THE BEST sales professionals (the Top 2% Salespeople and Sales Managers), RETAIN them longer, and GROW your sales! They are useful for:
a. Employers who are looking to hire effective salespeople or area sales managers;

b. Sales recruiting firms or in-house sales recruiters at large companies;

c. Small or mid-sized businesses who wish to hire good sales staff and increase their sales;

d. Big, midsized or small companies who wish to reduce their sales-employee turnover;

e. RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies;

f. PEO - Professional Employer Organizations;

g. Sales recruiters / sales recruiting firms in FL, NY, CA, NJ, PA, OH, IL, WI, IN, MS, etc.;

h. Medical sales recruiters, medical device sales recruiters and hospital equipment manufacturers;

i. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers for a wide range of products;

j. Spas, banks, health clubs / fitness clubs and service companies;

k. Car dealers, automobile dealerships, auto leasing and auto sales companies;

l. Franchisors and franchisees;

m. Pharmaceutical sales;

n. Advertising sales;

o. Insurance sales;

p. Information Technology companies; and

q. Other businesses involved in selling a wide range of products and services such as machinery, real estate, office equipment, machine parts, engineered goods, hospital equipment, medical devices, business services, and more (B2B, B2C or Retail).

Sign up for a 30-day Free Trial (3 Free Screening Tests) now to use Option 1 (Self-serve) above;

Or, please request a formal Quote through the Contact Us page for Option 2 (Full-serve) above.

30-Day Free Trial

Note: Sales personality tests or sales aptitude tests are sometimes presented as pre hire sales assessments, which they are often not. A sales personality test or sales aptitude test may offer some value towards hiring inexperienced entry level salespeople but may fall short when trying to evaluate experienced sales people. That is because many of the old-style sales aptitude tests or sales personality tests are "blind" to the impact of a job applicant's sales experience, sales training and knowledge of sales techniques. The JOY Tests (tm) of Total Sales Ability (tm) are real sales assessment tools which can help you towards recruiting a good experienced sales person and/or with national sales team building.

DanJoy.com®: The Worldwide Gold Standard in Online Sales Assessments.TM

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