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10 Free Sales Assessments, Sales Assessment Test, Sales Tests.

The JOY Tests TM: World's First in "Total Sales Ability" Assessment TM

Hiring good salespeople is one of the hardest things. Not any more!
The JOY Sales Tests (tm) go above and beyond the mundane
psychological / personality tests by testing for Total Sales Ability (tm).

30-Day Free Trial
>> Highly Potent: The JOY Sales Ability Tests (tm) go above and beyond the mundane psychological and personality tests by testing for Total Sales Ability (tm) -- the actual street smarts of Professional Selling. There is more to success in selling than just psychology and personality. Our online sales assessments test for ALL of the following (up to 50+ sub-competencies, traits and/or selling techniques):
  1. Sales Prospecting (Leads Generation) Ability.

  2. Appointment Setting, Cold Calling, Rapport and Presentation Ability.

  3. Objection Handling and Negotiating Ability.

  4. Sales CLOSING Ability and Asking for Payment/Deposit.

  5. Cementing the Sale (Re-assuring the Client), and Ability to Get Referrals.

  6. Computer/Internet/Email/CRM and Sales Tools Ability.

  7. Miscellaneous Crucial Sales & Marketing Abilities.
    (Various Secondary Factors -- Personality, Psychology, Skills, Aptitude, Ethics, etc.)

  8. Sales Team Recruitment Ability.

  9. Sales Team Management/Leadership/Motivation Ability.

  10. Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Ability.
>> Very Efficient: You can save hours of interviewing time by using our Pre Employment Screening Test to filter out the non-candidates then inviting only the shortlisted top candidates to an actual interview. Our fully integrated online system organizes, tracks, updates and saves the candidates' testing progress, test scores, etc., and helps you monitor and follow-up easily, even for a very large number of candidates. If you are a busy executive, your assistant can manage the entire online Sales Testing process easily.
* The Best: The online JOY Sales Ability Tests (tm) were invented by Mr. Dan Joy (Bio) who has himself made thousands of Sales Presentations and Sales Calls, in several different countries. He has often outsold 3 to 5 of his immediate peers combined, and has also recruited, trained and led top-notch sales teams. Dan has a 5-year Degree in Mechanical Engineering, an M.B.A. in Marketing (GPA 4.0/4.0), many awards and honors, and over 21 years of multinational Business Development experience. These are the best pre-hire and post-hire sales assessment tests online.

>> Unique: Some old-style pre-employment tests known as sales personality tests or sales aptitude tests try to disguise themselves as sales assessment tests, which they are really not. A conventional sales personality test or sales aptitude test is "blind" to the impact of a job applicant's experience, sales training and knowledge of sales techniques, but a real sales assessment test is not.

For example, a fresh college graduate with no sales experience and a top producing sales superstar with 25 years of sales experience may both score the same on a sales personality test or sales aptitude test if they both share similar personality traits. However, in the real world of selling the sales superstar may outsell the inexperienced salesperson by up to twenty to one. Our sales assessment test can help you tell the difference.

The potent technology of The JOY Tests (tm) of Total Sales Ability (tm) can help you in your sales team building efforts and in hiring better salespeople and sales managers. Our sales ability tests are not suitable for evaluating entry level salespeople, and should be used for hiring experienced sales professionals only.
30-Day Free Trial

DanJoy.com: The Worldwide Gold Standard in Online Sales Assessments.TM

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